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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  April 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> that is all over. we could be in for some more shower captioned by the national captioning institute the faa response after a close call with a cargo jet and a plane carrying first lady michelle obama. we have new pictures from the
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flood zone. charlie sheen with a day of legal wrangling behind tim. what did he have to say just before a show tonight at constitution hall? >> live and in hd, at this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. air-traffic controller could be to blame for a close call that forced a plane carrying the first lady to avoid its landing. they were returning to joint base and jews after an appearance in new york. >> after a series of mishaps involving air traffic controllers falling asleep and watching dvd movies, this latest incident has had very close to home for the white house. first lady michelle obama started her monday making an
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appearance on the "of the view." per night ended with her plane circling the tarmac --. the plane came dangerously close to a 200-ton military cargo jets and had to abort its landing at. >> it is surprising. >> trust and frequent air travelers outside the white house are stunned to hear this incident appears to be another mistake by an air traffic controller. >> it goes back to be situation. we probably do not have the money to pay for extra traffic controllers. >> he allegedly allowed the plane to fly too close to the military jet. the required separation was 5 miles. >> the small tornadoes that come off of the airplane in front can of set the airplane flying behind. >> officials released a statement tonight saying, controllers at andrews air force
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base instructed an incoming boeing 737 to perform a go around on monday, april 18, 2011 just after 5:00 because the plane did not have the required amount of separation. >> michelle obama's office is not commenting tonight. officials are investigating the civilian comptroller over in warrington. that facility reported 52 similar errors last year, a record number that the director described as sloppy and poor. we learned an air traffic controller in ohio was suspended for watching a movie while on duty. since march, and they had suspended nine controllers and supervisors. 7 of the controllers were allegedly sleeping. rain moved out of most of
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our area this evening but showers and storms could return tomorrow. >> it has been quite a day, --. across northern maryland, look at the radar. there have been some pretty heavy rains across northern maryland. look at hagerstown, over an inch of rain. we had hardly anything in washington. there was over half an inch of rain -- tomorrow, even though we will see some warm weather, by the afternoon, there could be some nasty storms coming up. is a slight risk of some severe weather non " i will show you where it is really wild tonight. >> thank you the cleanup continues in georgetown.
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plotting and french restaurants and residents yesterday and we were able to get a closer look at the destruction. we have some new images and the latest on the investigation as to what caused the mass. >> a source told abc 7 news that this happened because of a human error. someone in the management company did not raise the floodgates. we saw just how much damage this water as don. >> -- water has done. >> that is horrible. >> this is going to take a long time. >> residents reacting to our exclusive pictures from inside deceiving. high into a restaurant in berlin smothered with layers of thick mop and rooms and hallways caked with a slimy mud. >> after what happened, it would take me several months to have a
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meal inside one of these fine establishment. i was here the other week with some friends and i feel really bad for the store owners. >> crews continued to pump water out of the complex. workers describe the conditions inside much like those outside full of sludge and dead fish. >> it could have been prevented with a wall. >> some came here at 7:00 this morning to assist with the cleanup. the parking lots -- two of the three levels remained under water this evening. >> i do not know why they did not have any plans. we already knew what the forecast was for saturday. >> we just spoke to a manager of one of the restaurant. and three floors down is where most of be dry goods are kept. bair now 12 feet under water. the management company has yet
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to offer an explanation. police today announced arrest in connection with the shooting death over the weekend. the 23-year-old was killed during an altercation at a home in glendale early sunday morning. the suspect was from virginia and maryland and a first-degree murder charges. a maryland man is on -- the 40-year-old captain died saturday at a base. the soldiers were attacked by an afghan national army soldier armed with grenade. we know the name of a man who died after he was drawn from the bay. will checking his broken-down car. the 70-year-old of maryland was killed moments after he got out of his car monday morning. a large truck rear ended his
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car, which knocked him into the water. he fell about 50 feet. he was pronounced dead at the hospital not go he was a retired golf writer for usa today. >> the search for a missing college student is growing in tennessee. investigators said they are not ruling anything out as a possible suspect. the 20-year-old was last seen a week ago. her older brother says he saw a man leading a sister into the woods. he thought the man was his sister's boyfriend, but when he saw blood on the ground, he called 911. police say they have no suspects but they believe the person responsible knows the area. >> just because of the terrain and where she was adopted he would have to know where you were going in order to do this. >> this week, the reward for information tripled to $75,000. next week, mayor lenders
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will have a chance to say goodbye to a legendary former gov.. william donald schaefer died yesterday at the age of 89. a motorcade will carry his body to baltimore where he also served four terms as mayor. and other public viewing will be held at baltimore city hall monday night and all day tuesday. the funeral is scheduled for next wednesday in baltimore. president obama heads to san francisco tomorrow before a live forum on facebook about this deficit plant. he hosted a town hall meeting at the northern virginia community college campus. he wants to trim the defense budget, health care costs, and raise taxes on families earning over to under $50,000. republicans want to overhaul medicare and medicaid and cut taxes. the president says it is time to get serious. >> i want you to hold accountable and i want you to
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hold all of washington accountable. there is a way to solve this deficit problem in an intelligent way that is fair and shared sacrifice is. >> republican said it will not raise the debt ceiling without budget cuts. if that does not happen, the u.s. could be in jeopardy of defaulting on loans. all bids at the president's approval rating stands at near- record lows, 47%. the nation marks the number of somber anniversary six-week. 168 were killed on april 19, 1995 when an explosion ripped through the federal building. timothy mcveigh was convicted for their roles in the attack. he was eventually executed. tomorrow is the first anniversary of the explosion aboard the deepwater rise in oil rig that killed 11 workers in the gulf of mexico. the blast led to what has been called the worst oil spill in
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america's history. a number of celebrities will lobby congress to find cleaner energy sources. a major mistake in the operating room. hear from a family whose sets a doctor performed surgery on the wrong part of a four-year-old boy. a massive job fair turned ugly under the golden arches. >> charlie sheen stops by to>>ó>óííñ
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charlie sheen came to the nation's capital tonight not coat that showed just wrapped up at constitution hall. we are their lives. we understand you were there when he arrived. >> that is right. charlie sheen has a spontaneous style and his surprise does when
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just before the show started, he sauntered over to chat. >> we love you. >> a full hour late, looking drawn and to take, but with enough energy to greet his fans. he arrived at constitution hall. it court appearance in l.a. related to the court -- the custody of the suns the late jim. >> i just landed down coat -- i just landed. >> to early scene is -- charlie sheen and showed a video of his ex-wife in a pawnshop. she did -- he did not want to talk about how her problems may affect the custody of the twin boys. >> i am not allowed to talk about it. you must read something.
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>> the shows have gotten mixed to rotten reviews. they are apparently -- what is the word on the d.c. performance? >> he is obviously down from today's court case. >> he could have done this on youtube and save everybody money and time. >> totally winning. no letdown at all. >> some differing opinions there obviously. 1 winner in all of this is charlie sheen. he is estimated to be occurring about $200,000 per share of. -- show. some folks are not clear and not much money in some jobs at mcdonald. the fast-food restaurant chain is hiring 60,000 new employees nationwide. 1400 of those jobs are in the d.c. area.
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laid-off professionals retirees and teenagers are all competing for the jobs. the average pay is $8.30 an hour. it turned into a parking lot brawl in a -- in cleveland. to girls began fighting outside. restaurant owner and manager came outside to break up the fight and one girl and her friend got into the car and the fight escalated. >> the girl was getting beat up and she went to work car. the girl she was fighting cayman punster. after she puncher, she backed the car back and i saw the owner of the mcdonald's runover. >> the car and drove off and officers spotted eight blocks away. the police have arrested the passenger van gogh the restaurant owner the manager and two other people went to the hospital. >> a washington state couple says a doctor made a huge mistake and operated on the wrong side of their four-year-
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old son. is a to go procedure last it was supposed to prevent his right eye from wandering. instead, the doctor operated on the boys left by. at the boy's parents are in shock. >> frankly i lost sense of direction and did not realize that operated on the left eye in july was down operating. then i had to go in and do the right. >> the boy's mother says she has not seen any improvement in the right eye and now the left eye seems to be wondering. the parents are considering a malpractice lawsuit. >> that is not good. we have a quiet night and there could be some nasty storms tomorrows. outside today graham that we had the last few days, -- rain that we had the last few days, our photographer got these great
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shot around harbors varied. the temperature is 59 degrees. he is trying to wash away the pollen as the speak over 2000. that was mainly what the real culprit was today. look at the temperatures. a range of temperatures again. that whether boundary is when there is a lot of action in the atmosphere. especially it would be a jet stream. again, tonight, there are many areas that are under a tornado watch and for us, those leftover wind up the ash showers mean tomorrow afternoon, we are under a slight risk of getting some of these leftovers. look at the areas of yellow. those are a tornado watches out. until 5:00 this morning in some areas. look at this line is moving
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around indianapolis. once again it is an outbreak of really violent weather too much of the mid part of the country. and other day with 24 reports of tornadoes, which means that this could be after tonight the most tornadoes ever reported in the month of april. you can come into our home page, and you can move around and see where the storms are right now. you can track them as they get close to us tomorrow. let's hope they are nothing like what is happening in the mid part of the country. the cult that are round will lift out. as we get into tomorrow afternoon there are the leftovers of those lines of showers. it picks up the line coming through about 2:00 or 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. there could be some nasty shock -- some nasty storms. tomorrow morning, no problems. it will be a mild morning when
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you head out. temperatures rise into the 80's with southwesterly wind and a chance of nasty storms and an up and down we go. some cool weather on thursday. could be some nasty storms tomorrow afternoon so watch out for that.
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more on that close call involving the first lady's airplane. a popular european diet is coming to america. that is ahead on nightline right after our newscast. >> in sports, we have the nfl announced in the 2011 schedule and the redskins have a pillar of a fall. the caps are in new york for tomorrow night's game against
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the rangers.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> the caps are in new york tonight trying to focus on game 4 tomorrow night at madison square garden.
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this could be the biggest game of the series. if the rangers when, all the sudden it becomes a new best of three series. we all pull out -- we all remember the caps being up three games against 1 against montreal. they are only one of four and a series that led to nothing like this when. this came as pivotal in. >> this game is going to swing the series. we could take a stranglehold on it or it could be very long series. we understand that. is the same situation we faced last game. we run not successful last game, so we have to change that your. >> a huge game tomorrow night. the nationals have one be its last seven -- seven of the last 10. they were rained out tonight in st. louis. the temperature dropped to 20 degrees and finally they just called it. >> let's go to baltimore.
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reynolds scores. it was 3-0 oriole's. let's go to the bottom of the fed and the bases are loaded again at. he rips off the scoreboard and that clears the basis. the orioles when ed. -- win it. the nfl released its 2011 schedule to date. after the cardinals, they play the cowboys on monday night september 26. october 16, they play the philadelphia eagles. the second half starts with the dolphins in miami. the key game here is against dallas november 20. the patriots, the giants, the vikings, and eagles make up the end to the regular-season. in the nba the celtics was a
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carbon copy of game 1. 15 seconds left and boston was down 1. 94-93 boston, 13 seconds left. 96 93 was the final. the nfl labor talks continue today. the two sides are still so far apart, at there is no reason in right now for optimism. >> a very bad. but things change.
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another night of violence or whether. look at those yellow areas. they will be coming year us by tomorrow afternoon probably diminishing, but still a couple of showers. before then, and temperatures will be into the 80's.
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>> keep your umbrellas and raincoats close by.
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